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Oh Divine

The Anointed Print

The Anointed Print

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Inspired by the two women recorded in the bible having washed and anointed Jesus feet. Yes that's right, two.

The first event took place in Simon "the Pharisee’s" home in Galilee.  The second event took place in Simon "the leper’s" home in Bethany. Two different Simons.  Two different homes.  Two different cities. Two different women.  Two different occasions.  Two different purposes. One as an act of service and repentance and one the honorific anointing with perfume or "nard" traditionally used before burial.

One washed his feet with her tears, dried them with her hair and then anointed him with perfume from an alabaster box, this woman remained unnamed and unknown but was loved by Jesus for her actions filled with love, humility and repentance.

Mary of Bethany anointed Jesus's head and feet with expensive perfume and dried them with her hair also, mostly as a mark of honour for him and as Jesus later expressed 'for my burial'.

Printed on high quality canvas. Frame not included.

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