About Us


We are a bible based jewellery and lifestyle brand aimed at creating a new genre of symbolic and sustainable jewellery and apparel. Our aim is for fashion to meet faith with our products intended to be a subtle way for you to incorporate God into your everyday life. We strive to create conversation starter pieces with timeless simplicity and high quality recycled materials. Our custom products are designed in-house and manufactured exclusively for us, with each piece carefully designed with our customers in mind.
We are developing a wide range of jewellery suitable for both men and women with the option of customizable pieces and limited edition collections. Drawing inspiration from scripture and imagery from the bible, our brand is all about meaningful, affordable & high-quality jewellery and accessories.
Our designs are made with recycled metals such as sterling silver, stainless steel, bronze and 18k gold plating. Our packaging is all manufactured from eco friendly, recycled and biodegradable materials. We aim for our jewellery to be practical and stylish for day to day wear with a one of a kind design to match its wearer. We believe it is not necessary to choose between faith and fashion or quality and sustainability.


Established in 2022, our story began when our founder designed a small range of symbolic jewellery whilst she was living and working in Vietnam. She discovered while living there that there was a significant influence of the bible on the Vietnamese people, a interesting juxtaposition alongside the traditional buddhist temples typically expected in Vietnamese culture.
The first design prototype was created by her, in a self built workshop, and all her designs are hand drawn before being transferred to CADS.
The start-up was funded with a very modest amount in capital from her work abroad. Brianna used her experiences, to produce a unique collection of lasting value that would be meaningful to her customers worldwide.




Oh Divine Jewellery is a company lead by women and is passionate about design, positive symbolism and inclusivity. Our products come in a wide range of sizes, styles and lengths. We promote the gospel (the literal translation of which is, Good News) and positivity across our social media and we are actively involved with a variety of charities.






Born in the US and raised in a small seaside town in Ireland, Brianna Williams youth was spent travelling to fundraise for her grandmothers non-profit charity, providing relief and building homes for refugees and displaced families (with a special emphasis on the protection of children) in Basilicata Italy.
Brianna is bilingual, a university graduate by twenty years of age, with a BA in Music and Dance, and later went on to obtain certification in business and marketing. Though qualified in business management her passions remained firmly fixed in the arts, she went on to perform in countries such as Greece, Italy and Monaco, for public figures such as the Dalai Lama & Mario Frangoulis.
She is an internationally published model with a ten page segment in Off Town Magazine NY, a four page publication in Elléments Magazine NY and multiple bridal publications. She is in the process of publishing a children's book, is an active equestrian and is the designer of our in house jewellery collection.
After teaching for some time in Vietnam she had the opportunity to visit jewellery artisans in Hanoi, where she took inspiration from their designs and workmanship, this is where her passion for jewellery developed.
In her travels to twenty plus countries she was astonished to find there was consistent evidence and documentation, both archaeological and historical, of Jesus and the bible across multiple cultures. Whether Christian, catholic, protestant, native american, muslim, hindu or buddhist, in multiple cultures and texts there was evidence to be found of the bibles value. The scientific, physical and literary evidence reaffirming the testimonies of the bible and historic documentation of Jesus is astonishing.
It is these experiences that formed her idea to create a Christian Jewelry brand, Oh Divine Jewellery, a mixture of modern fashion combined with faith and positive symbolism. 





We are consistently striving towards maintaining the environment and helping to provide for those in disadvantaged situations, for these reasons we proudly manufacture our products in an ethical and eco-friendly way with fair pay and safe working conditions and actively support a range of charities. We utilise recycled metals when possible - using recycled silver, steel, brass and gold and provide packaging that is biodegradable and recyclable.
Oh Divine Jewellery is a proud supporter of The Eden Reforestation Project and Murphs Life Foundation.




Taking an idea and making it a reality, Brianna uses her background in art to create sketches for each item, designing them freehand, this allows her designs to evolve as they are sketched and for every little detail to be accounted for.
The final drawings are then turned into CAD's (computer-aided designs), which are then in turn made into wax moulds and brought to life after casting. Each design is handmade by artisans in Thailand, the UK or USA before they are sent to our hub for quality control and packaging. It is after this lengthy process that these beautiful, thoughtful designs are then shared with you.
We hope you will love and cherish these pieces as much as we do. 


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