We are consistently striving to remain gentle on the environment and helping to provide for those in disadvantaged situations, for these reasons we proudly manufacture our products in an ethical and eco-friendly way with fair pay and safe working conditions. We utilise recycled metals when possible - using recycled silver, steel, brass and gold and use biodegradable packaging made from corn-starch or recycled materials. 
Oh Divine Jewellery is also a proud supporter of Murph's Life Foundation and the Eden Tree Foundation.


We are consistently looking for more environmentally friendly ways to produce and package our products. We proudly manufacture all our products in an ethical and eco-friendly way. This is our attempt to lower our environmental footprint and to do our bit to aid in bettering our world.



Many of our products are made from recycled metals such as sterling silver and steel. We utilise stainless steel for some of our larger pieces as a base metal to give you the same look and feel, without a hefty price tag or cost to the environment. Our in house designs are made using sterling silver or gold that is recycled, which produces two thirds less CO2 than mined silver or gold. We pride ourselves on our factories ethical standards related to working conditions, fair pay and ethical metal sourcing. Our manufacturers are the recipients of the "Fairmined Licensee",  and exclusively represent the first and only factory in Asia certified as a Fairmined authorised supplier.

Minimising environmental impact is at the forefront of every decision we make, our world and its people come before profit.



Our beautiful packaging and jewellery boxes are made using Fairtrade and FSC-certified materials. They are 100% recyclable or biodegradable!



Our postage packaging, thank you cards and labels are made from biodegradable materials which means no waste, unhealthy chemicals or harmful plastics. Simply pop your used packaging in the compost bin or recycle it as usual with the peace of mind it will dissolve.

Mailers: Corn-starch & Biodegradable

Mailer Boxes: Cardboard, 100% Recyclable

Jewellery Boxes: Cardboard, 100% Recyclable 

Thank You Cards: Card Paper, 100% Recyclable or Compostable

Tissue Paper: 100% Recyclable or Compostable

  Microfibre Bag / Polishing Cloth: One of the only pieces in our collection which is not recyclable, however, these are made using recycled plastics. Our microfibre bags are dense, durable and designed to be reused for years to come, the perfect little bag for travel or storing your new Oh Divine pieces. 



All our suppliers are committed to upholding safe and fair working conditions. This includes fair wages and working hours for all their workers, preventing child labour and following strict anti-human-trafficking regulations.



 We are proud supporters of two charities. First is the environmental charity Eden Reforestation Project, this charity works with local communities to restore forests on a massive scale, thereby creating jobs and protecting ecosystems. With over 700 million+ trees already planted, 229 project sites in nine countries, and 10,000+ employees empowered with fair wages, what's not to love?

Fun Fact: Mangrove trees can absorb three to four times more carbon per acre than any other trees in tropical rainforests. 

We provide the option for you to donate to this charity on our checkout page.



Our second charity of choice is Murphslife Foundation.

Using videos on social media to raise awareness for those who need it, MurphsLife enables viewers to help provide for those in need through donations.  Giving direct assistance to people they meet in places like Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. He provides struggling families with food, shelter and employment and document the whole process on Social Media outlets. What MurphsLife does, isn’t just giving people a donation, it’s so much more than that. He helps people get back on their feet and “learn to fish”, providing families new self sustaining businesses, homes and opportunities. 100% of proceeds raised from the sale of our upcycling stock on Depop goes to Murphslife Foundation.



We upcycle products that have minor imperfections or are damaged, returned or sample products, at a heavily discounted price though our Depop account, 100% of profits from which go to our selected charity Murphs Life Foundation. Visit our Depop here.