Size Guide

Please find below the approximate guidelines to our product sizing. There is a size chart, with images for reference, supplied for each type of product listed below. The product description pages will provide further advice about the size and fit of each individual item.
If you have any queries about size or length drop us an email to our customer service team at and we will be ready to help.

Necklace Size Guide:

Some of our necklaces come with fixed length chains as the charms or designs may be soldered or looped into place, these are one size only or one size fits all. Other necklaces we offer will come with the option to choose whichever chain length and colour you may prefer. For the latter please find the chain lengths / measurements and colours we offer listed below. A size chart representing their fit has been added for your reference. This chart can be used as a guide to see how different chain lengths fall on the neck and chest, everyone is different so sizing may vary slightly depending on your personal measurements. The lengths we currently offer are 14" (Choker), 16" (Collarbone), 18" (Mid Chest) and 20" (Breast Bone). We offer these in Silver and Gold Plated only, as we expand we will also provide a rose gold option.

Necklace Sizing Guideline


Tips for Choosing a Length:


  • Consider the wearer’s torso length, chest size and overall body type.
  • A chain would look shorter on someone with a longer torso or a wider chest than it would on a petit body type.
  • Longer chains (20"+) can slide on over the head without unfastening a clasp. This is helpful if you have trouble fastening clasps.
  • The possibilities for layering are endless, If you plan to wear a charm or pendant on the chain, you’ll want to make sure they overlap correctly and complement each other.


Choose Your Chain Style:

Our chains will soon come in a variety of designs and an thicknesses. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media or subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when our new collections drop.


Bracelet Size Guide:

Most of our bracelets come in a fixed length as the designs are soldered or looped into place. The one size fits all selection has adjustable clasps to better fit a wide range of sizing. However our signature silver charm bracelets come in three sizes Small (15cm), Medium (17cm) and Large (19cm).
If you require a larger or smaller size simply email us at with your wrist circumference in inches or cm and we will evaluate whether we can have one customized to fit. We recommend measuring the circumference of your wrist with soft measuring tape or using a piece of string and a ruler.
Purchase the closest in size to your measurements, if you are in between sizes we recommend sizing on the downside as sizing up can make the bracelet too loose and you would then be at risk of loosing it.


How to Measure for Bracelet


Ring Size Guide:

Our rings come in a variety of styles, colours and sizes. We have rings for both Men and Women and each is sized according to standard M/F sizing.
Please find the sizing chart listed below. To measure your ring size we recommend using a soft measuring tape, if you do not have one of these available you can instead use a piece of string and a ruler to find out your size in millimetres (mm). Your ring size varies depending on the finger you wish to wear the ring on, so measure accordingly. We understand sizing can be different depending on your country of origin so we have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to find your correct size with our chart featuring conversions below.
The sizes we currently offer for women are 5 to 10 ( J to T) 
The sizes we currently offer for men are 8 to 13 (P to Y) 
If you require a larger or smaller size simply email us at with your measurements in mm or ring size in letter form and we will evaluate whether we can have one customized to fit your needs.


Ring Size Chart:


We offer these in Silver, Stainless Steel, Plated and Gold. We will notify you as we launch new collections.