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Oh Divine

Miracles Print

Miracles Print

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Based on the most well known miracle from the bible, when Jesus walked on water. Aptly named "Miracles" this was one of the many miracles Jesus performs and is well known even by pop culture and modern writings today.

Although this miracle took place on a stormy and windy sea we have taken artistic licence wanting to bring some light and reflection into the image. This took place the evening immediately after Jesus fed the 5000 people with five loaves and two fish. His disciples had gone before him with the boat, and when he finished sending people away and praying, he had no means to reach his disciples who were in the middle of the sea, so, he simply walked to them. 

Jesus walked on water to prove he was God incarnated into human flesh. The disciples were not convinced that Jesus was the Messiah even after many of the miracles and needed a frequent demonstrations of his power. Walking on water was not something an ordinary person could do; hence, it would convince his disciples that he was no ordinary person.

This picture is a reminder to us all that Jesus is capable of reaching us wherever we are and nothing can divide us from his reach, not even the sea.

Printed on high quality canvas material. Frame not included.

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