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Welcome to Oh Divine!

Hello everyone! 

I am incredibly thrilled to say we have finally launched! It has been a long journey to make this a reality, from learning the ins-and-outs of launching your own business to the little details that go into sourcing and designing products and packaging. I have to admit I seriously underestimated the amount of research and work it would take to start a business and there were a lot of factors I hadn’t even considered when starting, yet somehow it’s finally come together!  

This learning curve has been such a challenge, not to mention a bit (VERY) scary, but it is all worth it once you get to see the final product of all that hard work.


So here we go... this is Oh Divine.


The goal when coming up with the concept of Oh Divine was to create a modern take on Christian jewellery and apparel. The idea was to create the type of jewellery that is subtle and functional enough to wear on the daily, whether at work, university or even to the beach, while still having it reflect meaningful symbolism for the wearer.

I struggled to find good quality, stylish, faith based jewellery and apparel that reflected who I was and what I believe in, especially for a reasonable price. Life gets so busy, and we all can get distracted with the daily challenges it brings, so I wanted to create something you can wear that would serve as a constant reminder to have faith through those moments... so the concept was born, fashion meets faith.


Splurging on jewellery was a headache for me because when I finally found a style I liked, I was disappointed only to have it tarnish or break after a couple of wears (especially if you’re like me and never want to take it off, whether in the gym, beach or bath). So the aim was to find the balance of durability for everyday wear, quality materials whilst still maintaining value for money, a simple style and of course meaning. So because I couldn’t find it; I built it!



I am so excited to share our first range of products with you all. We are starting with a small range of jewellery styles in silver and a few accessories, to see what everyone thinks and gather some feedback of what you would love to see in our products and what our customers want to wear.

Soon we will start producing a larger variety of products, from 18k gold plated jewellery to hats, t-shirts and a range of other accessories! I have lots of ideas for new designs and products so keep an eye out for our new collections coming soon. The most tedious part of building your own business, is the wait.

From brainstorming designs, testing samples to confirming a products quality before they can then be produced and eventually be sent to our door, takes quite a while. However it is a necessary process to make sure that what you are delivering is worthwhile. Especially when you are your own customer you want to be sure they have been tried and tested and that they will last!

It’s such an incredible experience to be able to design your own business from scratch, from learning how to build a website, drawing out product concepts, narrowing down packaging samples and sourcing manufacturers. You get the gist. So, to then watch it all come to life and be able to share it with you all is so rewarding!

I hope you all will enjoy Oh Divines products as much as I have creating them.

 If you want to keep up to date on our new product launches, limited edition collections and special offers throughout the year you can find all the deets on our social media. 


Welcome to the Oh Divine Family.

Insta: @ohdivinejewellery

Tiktok: @ohdivinejewellery


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