Our First Collection Arrives

Our First Collection Arrives

Here it is in all its glory, Oh Divine's first collection is now available online! 

We have spent a lot of time curating this collection to be full of simple, staple pieces with even the smallest details accounted for. From rings to necklaces to polishing cloths to keep your sparkle, we have made sure to provide you with all the basics not to mention the option to layer for days as all our pieces are mix and match-able!

So you have double piercing in your ears? We gotcha. Love to layer your chains, take your pick. Or are crazy for stacking your rings, load up! Each of our pieces from our initial collection is made from either sterling silver or recycled stainless steel, with options for both men and women, these pieces are sure to add a little flare to any outfit.

Fun fact each of our pieces represents the imagery from a specific scripture verse and is thoughtfully named after something (or someone) in the bible lets see how many you can guess correctly?


  •  'Esther' Cross Necklace (Hint: She was a queen who..)
  •  'Kodesh' Unisex Ring (Hint: Kodesh is hebrew for..)
  •  'Sinai' Necklace (Hint: The mountain where..)
  •  'Of the Spirit' Necklace (Hint: Its Sweet and Juicy)
  • 'Number the Stars' Necklace (Hint: What else has God numbered)


How many did you get? Send us a DM on Instagram with all the right answers for a little surprise.


Lets talk packaging.

This by far has been my favourite process to learn about, after talking to countless suppliers looking for that *one* supplier who had what I needed, eventually one day I threw my hands up into the air in desperate confusion and spoke aloud "Please God help me figure this out, I'm overwhelmed" and boy did he. Only three days later did I stumble upon the most perfect manufacturer with all the qualities in their company I had hoped for. Brings to mind that old scripture "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:"

Well boy did that work out.

Not only that but he doubled down, as we later found the most perfect jewellery manufacturer also who works with recycled metals has Fairtrade employment for her workers and is a women lead family owned business of three generations. 

Our packaging manufacturers have been a God-send for us during this process as we essentially came into it with zero know-how on how to create packaging, I had design CADS done up, and that was where it ended. After many...many... messages back and forth hashing out the most minute details about each of our jewelry boxes and mailer boxes, plus some incredible suggestions from my (now friend, Jannly) within the company, we finally can proudly show you our eco-friendly, recyclable, fsc certified packaging. Aren't they gorgeous? They also provide the perfect reusable box for storage or when bringing your jewellery on the go.

Our New Reusable Jewellery Boxes


& Our New Mailer Boxes.


We have so many more new products lined up for next year with a gold collection, baseball hats, T-Shirts and our limited edition collection all in the works. We cant wait for you all to see.

Feel free to check out our social media for updates and to see the lovely photos sent in by our customers out 'walking in the word'.



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